Mu mới ra tháng 1 2021 - Starred Mu - Opening Season 12 - Best server 2021, no webshop, start

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Trang chủ:

Phiên bản: Season 12 (Mu SS12) - Máy chủ: X30 ~ X20 Dynamic Exp

Loại Mu: Reset, Exp 30x, Drop 30%

Alpha Test: 6/1/2021 (15h) - Open Beta: 7/1/2021 (15h)


Giới thiệu Mu SS12 mới ra - Starred Mu - Opening mới ra tháng 1/2021 -

❗New Server from Starred Mu OPENING 7 JANUARY❗ (X30-X20 dynamic experience rate)

‼ Freebie welcome bonus:

Get FREE 270 Credits to spend in game xShop for everyone! Visit our website to find out how to claim them!

⚠️ Exclusive Rank Quest! Do simple quests, increase rank and get rewards!

☑ Main Features: [Professional Season 12] [Play to Win] [No Web Shop] [Antihack] [3D Camera] [Economy Values are Wcoins, Jewels, Zen, RUUD] [Buy, Sell items in Market] [Great Configured] [No Maximum Stats] [Monsters Power Adjusted, Spots on Minimap] [Autoparty, Off store, Off leveling]

☑ Useful Guides & Tutorials:

Find out the most actual information about item drops, bosses, events, rates, stats and much more!!

☑ General Information:

-Version: S12 Full Pro

-Regular Experience: 30x

-Master Experience: 40x

-Max Regular Level: 400

-Max Master Level: 500

-Monster Item Drop: 20%

-Max Stats per 1 Characteristic: 32000

-Max Stats Total: 28000+ / 29400+

-Points Per Level: 5/7

-Web Item Shop: OFF

-Grand Resets: ON

-In-Game X Shop: ON

-Offattack / Offleveling: ON

-View of 3D Camera: ON

-Antihack / Anticheat: ON

-Low Performance Mode: F9 to ON / OFF

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