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Phiên bản: Season 9 (Mu SS9) - Máy chủ: X3000 Dynamic Exp

Loại Mu: Reset, Exp 3000x, Drop 50%

Alpha Test: 5/5/2021 - Open Beta: 6/5/2021


Giới thiệu Mu SS9 mới ra - Www.Archangelmu.Onli mới ra tháng 5/2021 -

Archangel MU OPENING 6 MAY!


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All Boss Respawn every 1 hour, WebShop: ON, Xshop: ON, Market: ON, Full Option Items: ON, Vip System: ON, 24/7 Uptime, Lag-Free game guaranteed.

Basic Server information:
Experience: x3000
Master experience: x1000
Drop: 40%
Maximum level: 400
Maximum master level: 350
Points per level: 5/7/7
Points per master level: 2
Maximum stat: 32000
Mu Helper: from level 1
Mu Helper cost: 150 Zen * level
Pk clear cost: 3kk Zen * pk count
Monster Spots in all maps
Elf Soldier buff Till: 300 level
Create level MG, DL, RF, Sum = 1

Reset System:
Reset level = 400
Reset limit = UNLIMITED
After reset: stat points clear
After reset free stat points = 500 points * resets
Reset reward = 50 Wcoins
Wcoins CAN be exchanged to Credits
Reset cost = 200k Zen * resets

Download Game Client Here:

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